This page is dedicated to the history of the Heydon family of Norfolk.

The Heydon family rose to prominence in Norfolk during the 1400's, and remained a notable family in the history of the county for the next two centuries. There is a detailed discussion of the history of the Heydons of Baconsthorpe (their principal seat) in Norfolk Families (Walter Rye, 1913), and a parallel discussion on Blomefield's Norfolk (Volume VI, in the section on Baconsthorpe, 1807).

The Hayden family website contains interesting information of the history of the family, with related photographs, Hayden related links, and a link to a Rootsweb GEDCOM file with a descendancy tree for Samuel de Haydon (fl. 1185), the apparent antecedent of the Norfolk Heydons and Haydons.

Anyone who is able to provide additional material or links relevant to this branch of the Heydon family is invited to contact the coordinator for this page Ian Hall.

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