Henry Priddle married Mary Quantock at Kingsbury Episcopi on 8th January 1810, and a number of Priddle researchers are descended from this marriage.

Given the location of the marriage and the clear presence of the Priddle family in the Kingsbury area back into the 1600's, it seems likely that Henry was part of one of the Priddle families in the Kingsbury area. However, extensive research in the registers of all the local parishes has failed to unearth a suitable baptism entry, and no evidence has so far surfaced from any alternative sources such as probate records to link Henry to any of the known Kingsbury lines. 

From Henry's burial record we know that he was 59 [but see below] at the date of his burial in Kingsbury on 31st July 1831, implying a birth date around 1771-1772. This is remarkably close to the baptism of Henry Priddle the son of Edward and Betty Priddle of Tintinhull on 19th September 1773, and no further trace of Henry (marriage or burial) has been found in Tintinhull after this date. On this basis, a provisional connection has been made between Henry of Tintinhull and the Kingsbury marriage and descendant line. First name patterns in the descendants of the marriage do not appear to offer any striking evidence for or against this connection.

This link would clearly be more satisfactory if additional evidence from subsidiary sources could be uncovered to link Henry to the Tintinhull Priddles. Possible sources seem to be probate or land records. It is also hoped that pulling together a clear summary of the exact extent of previous register research (by parish and period) will help to clarify whether all possible alternative baptism locations have at least been checked, even if the relevant baptism could still be missing (as has occurred earlier in the Tintinhull line).

New information Dec 2007 

Although the SDFHS burial index (and NBI) lists Henry's burial age as 59, research in the original registers by Ann Fell recorded an age of 48, which is corroborated by Sarah Hawkins' recent (2003) burial transcripts for Kingsbury Episcopi. This new (and probably correct) age, would give Henry's birth date as 1782-1783, casting further doubt on the validity of the Tintinhull link.

Any thoughts or additional summary material on previous research relevant to this issue would be most welcome for inclusion in the site.

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