A family of Priddles appear to have emigrated from England to Newfoundland, Canada where they settled as fishermen sometime around 1800-1810. It is unclear where their origins lay, but the first name patterns (Edward, George, Jacob) are similar to those observed in the various Somerset Priddle families around the same period, and given the concentration of early UK Priddles in that area a link seems fairly likely, although there is no clear connection.

The earliest known member of this branch was an Edward Priddle who appears as a witness at St. Paul's Church in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland in 1810, and the family later lived in Carbonear, Conception Bay, Newfoundland. The Priddle name is apparently not that common in Newfoundland, with one line in Carbonear, one on the South Coast around Roncountre, and probably one in Bonavista.

This family has been researched by Judy Parab and is also the family of Sandra Priddle and J Priddle, all of whom have described their interests on the message boards.

The branch of the Newfoundland Priddles on the South Coast apparently lived in the community of Pushthrough, Hermitage Bay from 1805 until resettlement by the provincial government in 1969. Thereafter this line settled in Milltown on Bay d'Espoir, about 20km from Pushthrough, with other branches settling in Stephenville. There are no links in Newfoundland between this line and the Carbonear one, but the family has also been researched extensively, and details are available from Floyd Priddle.


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