A branch of the Sanderson family has flourished in Staithes and elsewhere in Hinderwell parish from at least the date of the marriage of William Saunder and Ann Thompson in 1609. Their descendants probably included the William Saunder (1687-1736?) who married Susanna Thompson in 1717 and the William Sanderson (c.1711-1773), merchant and shopkeeper of Staithes, who apprenticed James Cook (then 17, later Captain Cook, explorer of the Antipodes) in 1745. Cliff Thornton is interested in finding out more about this latter William.

Among William and Susanna Saunder's children were Ralph (Saunders, 1718-84) who married Elizabeth Trattles in 1741, Ann (1719, the ancestor of Linda Nicoll) and William (Sanderson, 1724) who married Mary Shimmin at Lythe in 1750.

Ralph and Elizabeth's son Ralph (1753) married Mary Wilton in 1775 and had Ralph (1780-1828, fisherman of Staithes) who married Ann Brown at Easington in 1813. Ralph and Ann's son Ralph (1816) married Sarah Trattles at Hinderwell in 1845, and this line is ancestral to Cedric Daykin.

The descendants of William Sanderson and Mary Shimmin include Ken Sanderson, Sue Frost and Matthew John Sanderson. This part of the tree also appears to include the family of William Sanderson of Hinderwell, who married Margaret Elliot Booth (1840-1876) there in 1868. This line is being researched by Lesley Barrow.



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