It is worth noting that a Dr. Exton Sayer (1690-1731), latterly Vicar General of the Bishop of Durham, who was the son of George Sayer of Croft and Mary the daughter of Everard Exton, Richmond Herald, left a will in which he referred to land in Thornton-le-Beans in the parish of North Otterington. However, whether this was inherited through the Sayers (thus providing a possible link to the Sayers of Croft on Tees ) or through his wife’s family, is not yet known.) Interestingly, Edward Sayer’s researches in the late 19th century into the family's possible origins, surmised from his family bible that a John Sayer of Forest Farm was his great grandfather; and researcher JP Sayer in the 1970s identified what he believed to be Forest Farm in the northern part of the manor of Kirklevington, Indeed, one of the tenants, a William Sayer, can be found in the Kirklevington burial registers in 1749. However, researcher Laurel Sayer is unsure whether that John Sayer is Edward's great grandfather - she supports the idea instead, that James Sayer of Appleton Wiske and Kirklevington is the common great grandfather of both Edward Sayer and John Sayer, her great grandfather, though she acknowledges that William Sayer (d.1749) and John Sayer of Forest Farm must surely be relatives of James Sayer.)


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