A number of different branches of the Smallwood family have on various occasions claimed the right to bear arms. Most of these rank in the category 'claimed but not proven' and are unsupported by evidence from the College of Arms, however they may cast some light on real or perceived familial relationships.

Matthew Smallwood (1612-1683), Dean of Lichfield

These arms were granted on 15th April 1672 and are authenticated in a letter from the College of Arms dated 1889. The background checkerboard pattern is in argent and sable, the top left-hand square (canton) in sable, and the sword in argent with a hilt in or. Matthew was a descendant of the Smallwoods of Chelford (a probable second cousin of the 1663 claimants below), and appears to have reflected the broad structure of their earlier arms in his own, suggesting some continuity and consistency of use.

Smallwood of Chelford

Some notes on this part of the family, who flourished in Chelford, Cheshire from the early 16th century to the 1770's, can be found on the Chelford page. The 1663 Cheshire Visitation includes these arms claimed by the family.

Smallwood of Handsworth, Wine Merchants

These arms are registered in the College of Arms , and legally borne by all the descendants in the male line of JOSEPH SMALLWOOD of Handsworth and Birmingham (died 1774) and HANNAH BARNETT his wife.

ARMS Chequy argent and sable, on a quarter gules a double-handled loving cup.
CREST A cupit arm, habited sable, cuffed argent, grasping a gold
loving cup, as in the arms, encircled with a wreath of vine proper.
MOTTO Pro aris et focis (for hearth and home)

The arms are clearly based on those of the Chelford Smallwoods, although there is no evidence for any familial link.

Note: The Grant of Arms Reference is Coll. Arms Gts. 78.216; Surrey 4.126. In 1908 the Arms and Crest were granted to Mary Attwood (nee Smallwood) and the other descendants of her father Joseph Smallwood (1776-1860)  


Smallwood of Egton and Cumbria

The Smallwood family of Egton appear in the 1666 Visitation of Yorkshire, and several members of the family appear to have utilised various arms over the years but without any real right to do so. The history and structure of this part of the family is discussed as tree 197. Among the children of Thomas Smallwood (c.1580-1651) of Egton :

Alan Smallwood (1608-1686), vicar of Marske and rector of Greystoke, appears to have sealed with arms corresponding to '... three griffins' heads erased ...' in 1666. Alan's great-grandson Charles Smallwood (1721-1777), vicar of Kirkoswald, appears to have had arms painted on the hall ceiling at The College, Kirkoswald of 'chequy argent and sable, on a conton of the second a sword bendways of the first hilt and pommel or, point upwards'. These are clearly identical to those granted to Matthew Smallwood of Lichfield in 1672, although Charles had no right to use them.

George Smallwood (1627-1680), of Upleatham, appears to have utilised arms of 'gules a lion rampant or, bearing in its dexter paw a cup sable', these arms being quartered by his son-in-law William Sandford (c.1660-1739) and 2g-grandson Sandford Tatham (c.1754-1840). Again, there is no known evidence for a proof of these arms.



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