This summary is based largely on the research of David Smallwood.

GRO Indices

The following table summarises the occurrences of the Smallwood name in the various civil registration indices for England & Wales, 1837-2005.

Period Births Marriages Deaths
Before 1861 1610 893 3218
1861-1881 1767 814 876
1881-1901 2045 992 1173
1901-1921 1855 1227 1132
1921-1941 1313 1424 1025
1941-1961 1272 1382 1082
1961-1981 1261 1293 422
After 1981 1506 1068 122
Total 12629 9093 9050

David Smallwood has constructed a summary of all these entries, including some of the related subsidiary information. The mother's maiden name is included for about 65% of all births, the spouse's surname for 86% of marriages (and the spouse's first name for 87%), and the age at death for 90% of deaths. In addition, David has incorporated a significant proportion of the entries into his series of Smallwood trees, which cover around 43% of births, 41% of marriages and 44% of deaths. The average age at death shows a pattern which principally reflects a strong fall in childhood mortality, rising from just over 30 in the 19th century to 76 in the period after 1981, and there were 10 Smallwoods who made it to 100.

An analysis of these figures, combined with the evidence of total Smallwood numbers from the digitised 1881 census and recent electoral lists, suggests that there were perhaps only around two to three hundred Smallwood families flourishing in England and Wales in the first half of the 19th century.

1881 Census

All of the 2767 unique Smallwoods reflected in the 1881 census for England and Wales are now included in David's series of trees.


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