This page summarises the trees compiled by David Smallwood of Worcester which have been published and deposited in the library of the Society of Genealogists in London. David has also produced a master index to all Smallwoods and related families included in these trees.

Ref Description Locality Period Names Modern
S1 The Brassfounders from Birmingham (David's own tree) West Midlands 1675-date 621 Yes
S2 The Wine Merchants from Handsworth West Midlands 1430-date 1046 Yes
S3 The Needlemakers from Redditch West Midlands 1720-date 282 Yes
S4 The Nailmakers from Bromsgrove [tree S374 now connected] West Midlands 1730-date 403 Yes
S5 The Journalists from Wolverhampton West Midlands 1719-date 58 Yes
S6 The Smallwoods from St Mary Moseley West Midlands 1735-date 153 Yes
S7 The Iron Square Makers from Birmingham West Midlands 1760-date 213 Yes
S8 The Yeomen from Sutton Coldfield West Midlands 1500-date 206 Yes
S9 The Cordwainers from Solihull West Midlands 1635-date 149 Yes
S10 The Stampers from Digbeth 1759-1862 56 No
S11 The Convict Tree from Birmingham West Midlands 1680-date 368 Yes
S12 William Smallwood the Plater 1750-1788 11 No
S13 The Coal Merchants from Heanor Derbyshire 1765-date 191 Yes
S14 The Cordwainers from Gloucestershire Gloucestershire 1684-date 255 Yes
S15 The Engineers from Nineveh Worcestershire 1776-1935 52 No
S16 The Bricklayers from Wexford, Ireland Ireland 1825-1963 61 Yes

Anyone interested in further details of these trees should contact David Smallwood.

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