The Sayres of Leake and Pickhill

Lancelot Sayre's parentage is not yet known but he was probably born sometime around 1576, a period when Queen Elizabeth had been on the throne for almost 20 years and Papal recusants were being heavily fined for non-attendance at Church.

Lancelot was living in Leake, about 12 miles from High Worsall, by 1606 when son John was baptised and little more is known of him, but John Sayre is believed to have married Isobel and moved further south, to Pickhill, 7 miles from Leake, sometime before 1636 where he had a son, also named Lancelot, baptised.  Unfortunately, the Pickhill with Roxby parish registers, which date from 1571, are incomplete.

It is interesting to note that a Thomas Crathorne, who owned property at Ness , in the parish of Pickhill, was the eldest son of James Crathorne and Elizabeth (nee Sayer).  Elizabeth was, significantly, the daughter of John Sayer of Worsall. In addition, Leonard Sayer, thought to be John’s brother, in 1559 granted Thomas Crathorne’s children small bequests in his will. Thomas Crathorne would thus appear to be the nephew of John Sayer of Worsall.  Lancelot Sayre’s location nearby does suggest a close relationship with that family, though the specific relationship with the Worsall Sayers has yet to be discovered.

In Pickhill at about this time there lived an Adam Sayre who also had a son, Thomas (1639) and it is tempting to surmise that John and Adam were of the same family and quite possibly even brothers.  They have been tentatively linked on that basis.

Returning now to John Sayre, his wife, Isobel, probably died in 1641 and John is thought to have remarried and moved to North Otterington , about 4 miles away, where he had 4 further children: Isobel (1646), John (1649), William (1655) and Dorothy (1658). Nothing is known about them other than that William (1655) is thought to have married and had a daughter Ann who subsequently married Richard Prest at North Otterington in 1709.

John is thought to have died in1671.

Outline tree

Lancelote Sayer (~1576 - )
|   Adam Sayer (~1604 - >1639)& ? ?
|   |   Thomas Sayer (1639 - )
|   John Sayer (1606 - ~1671)
|   & 1. Isabell ? ( - 1641)
|   |   >> The family of Lancelott Sayer (1636 - 1694) & Ann ? (~1636 - 1721)
|   & 2. ? ?
|   |   Isabell Sayer (1646 - )
|   |   John Sayer (1649 - )
|   |   William Sayer (1655 - 1720)
|   |   |   Ann Sayer (1686 - )
|   |   |   & Richard Prest (1681 - )
|   |   Dorothy Sayer (1658 - )

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