Appendix 1 - Sources

Editor's Note:
J.P.Sayer's original copy of this Appendix is unclear due to a number of additions and alterations, some of which we have been able sort out. However the Sources have not been verified and in a few cases we cannot be certain whether a Reference Number is associated with the correct Source or if a Reference Number is positioned correctly in the text. These doubtful records are marked with a ?

B.I.H.R Borthwick Institute of Historical Research, York
B.R.S. British Record Society Publications
C.R.S. Catholic Record Society Publications
D.N.B Dictionary of National Biography
G.M. Gentlemen’s Magazine
N.R.Q.S. North Riding Quarter Sessions Records
N.R.Rec.Off. North Riding Record office, Northallerton
P.C.C. Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Soc.Gen. Society of Genealogists Library
S.S. Surtees Society Publications
V.C.H. Victoria County History
Y.A.S. Yorkshire Archaeological Society Publications

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(N.B. location given is at time the research was carried out in 1970s)
1 Recusant Records, MS book, N.R
2 C.R.S XXXII passim
3 C.R.S.XIV passim
4 Records of Thirsk Quarter sessions, MS book, N.R.Rec.Off.
5 Greenwell Deeds No.352
6 Will of John Sayer, Vol 42B Fol479, B.I.H.R.
7 N.R.Q.S, Recusancy Returns
8 C.R.S. LVI p.12 Thomas Meynall’s book
9 Admon 1658, John Sayer (Somerset House)
10 MS Pedigree 1763, in possession of C.Parry-Crooke Esq
11 V.C.H. Durham III, p.360
12 Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-62 (Soc.Gen.)
13 G.M XXV p.333. Chelsea par. reg. Hist. Of Evelyn family, Helen Evelyn.
14 Will of James Sayer P.C.C. Howe 312
15 Barkas papers Vol XV p.103, Vol VII pp.523/5. Richmond Ref. Library
16 Barkas papers Vol XIX p.1085 et seq. Richmond Ref Library.
17 Nineteenth Century Vol 80 pp 755-784, Florence Hinlocke Cooke.
18 G.M. LIV p.109
19 Admon 1834 Edward Sayer (Somerset House)
20 Barkas papers Vol XIX p.1085. Richmond Ref. Library
21 Will of Robert Sayer, P.C.C. Holman 105
22 Boyds Marriage Index (M). Misc. 1751-75
23 Bible, in possession of C. Parry-Crooke Esq.
24 Will of Robert Sayer, P.C.C. Holman 105
25 Richmond par.reg. 1780
26 Will of Robert Sayer, P.C.C. Holman 105
27 GM. LXIV pp 183, 671 LXVII pp. 163, 253
28 Will of James Sayer, P.C.C. Marriott 1001
29 Barkas papers XIX, p.1085 et seq. Richmond Ref. Library
30 G.M. XCVI (I), p.80
31 G.M. 1860 II, p.187
32 G.M. 1863 I, p. 105
33 Barkas papers Vol XIX, p.1091 Richmond Ref. Library
34 ? Sayer notes, Rice Bequest, Soc.Gen G.M.45.417
35 From old prayer book, Hall-Crouch MS, Soc.Gen.
36 ? Barkas papers Vol XIX p.1091 Will. Sayer papers Rice Bequest
37 Edward Sayer’s family bible, in possession of Adm. Sir Guy Sayer
38 Registry of deeds, Northallerton Vol 1, p474 No. 551
39 MS Pedigree 1763 in possession of C. Parry-Crooke Esq
40 Will of John Sayer, Oct 1686 Vacancy box. B.I.H.R.
41 Will of John Sayer, P.C.C. Brodrapp 164
42 Registry of Deeds, Northallerton LF 353/634
43 Registry of Deeds, Northallerton I.474/5, No. 551
44 Registry of Deeds, Northallerton LF 353/634
45 Edward Sayer’s family bible, in possession of Adm. Sir Guy Sayer
46 Land Tax Records, N.R. Rec. Off.
47 Letter and pedigree from Miss Ann Feetham, 1917.
48 Graves’ History of Cleveland p.93. Ord’s History of Cleveland p.498
49 V.C.H North Riding I, 166 et seq.
50 N.R.Q.S. 1625
51 Will of Cuthbert Sayer SS. XXVI p.120
52 Will of George Sayer 1610, Archdeaconry of Richmond, Leeds Library
53 Will of Thomas Sayer, P.C.C. Byrde 106.
54 Will of George Sayer Vol. 52, p.78, B.I.H.R.
55 Will of Mary Sayer 1681 Archd. Of Richmond, Leeds Library
56 Admon 1699. Archd. of Richmond, Leeds Library
57 Will of Francis Sayer, P.C.C. Buckingham 16.
58 Apprentices of Great Britain 1710-62. Soc.Gen.
59 Will of Mark Sayer, P.C.C.Farrant 307
60 Will of Charles Sayer, P.C.C. Collins 44, C.R.S VIII p. 130. G.M. XLIX p.616
61 Pedigree Reg Vol III Soc.Gen., Act Books of Archbishop of Canterbury B.R.S.63..
62 Will of George Sayer, P.C.C. Farrant 308
63 Will of Everard Exton, P.C.C. Tenison 119.
64 D.N.B., Harl. Soc. VIII, p303
65 D.N.B., Harl. Soc. LXVI p.35
66 Will of Ralph Brooke, P.C.C. Hele 19
67 Act Books of Archbishop of Canterbury p. 265. Hutchinson’s History of Durham II p.329
68 G.M. 1 p.403. Parish reg. St Georges, Queen Str. London
69 Will of Exton Sayer P.C.C. Isham 264
70 V.C.H. Herts III p.306, II p.82
71 Par. Reg. St Mary, Islington. G.M. X p.203
72 Will of Everard Sayer, P.C.C. Seymer p.60
73 Hutchinson’s History of Durham II p.270
74 Genealogist XX, p.238
75 Bp. Of London Mar. Lic. 1768 GM IX 660
76 (?) V.C.H Herts
77 Registry of Deeds, Northallerton T434/590 Z270/364
78 Admon 1766, Foreign parts, Somerset House
78a Burkes Peerage 1912 (Barnard)
78b Manor of Barnesbury Deeds VI, 9. Holloway Central Library
79 Will of John Glenton , S.s.X11 pp80/81
80 Will of Hugh Saire 1573 Archdeanery of Richmond, Leeds Library
81 Y.A.S. V11 p 138 ; V111 p 55
82 Will of Francis Sayer, S.S. CXLII p.10
83 Will of Rev. John Sayer , P.C.C. Box 41
84 Will of Philadelphia Sayer, P.C.C. Aston 78
85 Will of Agnes Sayer, P.C.C. Dyke 31. par. Reg. St Mildred, Bread St. and St Mary, Islington.
86? V.C.H. Middlesex III p.107
87 Will of Henry Sayer, P.C.C. Cann 46
88 Parish of Padworth (ed. Clinton) p.59. Soc.gen. BK3. V.C.H. Bucks. II p.355
89? Harl. Soc. XXX p.245
90? B.R.S. XXXIII p.61
91 V.C.H. Herts III p.362
92 “The Case of John Sayer Esq”, Brit. Mus. 1418.k.27; 518 f.27 and 1851 c. 19. (p.32)
93 Will of Philadelphia Sayer. P.C.C. Aston 78
94? V.C.H. Bucks IV, pp.154, 155, 156.
95? V.C.H. Bucks III p.171
96? V.C.H. Bucks III p.183

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