Historical background

There are a number of sites related to the Smallwoods of Maryland US, largely descendants of Colonel James Smallwood, of which the best is that by Ray Gurganus which incorporates a searchable database of 3607 names (at 24 Jul 2006) including 1600 Smallwoods. There is also a fairly extensive (300 name) Smallwood tree originating in Maryland and spreading elsewhere, prepared by Bob Smallwood. Other Maryland Smallwood families are incorporated in the trees for Middleton (brief mention of Alice and Thomas around 1700), Peterson/Owens (a small group of descendants of Colonel James), Grayson (Eleanor in 1780's), Wollman Russell (69 names including the Colonel) and Maddox (brief mention of a Mary, 1685). There are also a few Florida Smallwoods (1800's) in the Riviere tree, a mention of Lillian Smallwood (1800's) in a South Carolina Taliaferro tree, a small number of Ohio Smallwoods (originating in Maryland in the early 1800's) in the King tree, and a reasonably extensive Kentucky Smallwood tree (about 1800-present) by Rod Raisanen. There are a couple of recent Smallwoods (location unknown) on Katrina Collier-Hall's Georgia tree.

Documented trees

Tree Description Location Period Names
448 Descendants of Colonel James Smallwood of Maryland (b.Cheshire) USA 1610-date 4200
25 Descendants of Charles Smallwood of Cumbria, UK US, Canada 1690-date 4000
US3 Descendants of Charles Smallwood (c.1760-1823, Beaufort County NC) North Carolina 1760-date 1600
701 Isaac Smallwood who married Mary Weaver in the USA USA 1718-date ?
375 Historic Smallwood Store, Chokoloskee, Florida Florida 1775-date 250
163 Sally Smallwood. mother of Adam Jackson (born 1788 Cheshire)  USA 1755-date 9
796 F A Smallwood from the USA USA 1850-1881 5
154 John, Mindy and Katelyn Smallwood from Texas.   Texas 1950-date 3
153 Smallwood Drive Elementary School, New York  New York - 0

There is a significant job to be done in consolidating the information on North American Smallwood trees (and researchers) into a simple summary, and anyone interested in helping to achieve this would be warmly encouraged to contribute to the site. Please contact Ian Hall to discuss this if you're interested.

Other (currently unconnected) research interests

Researcher Tree Description of local interest
Gene Smallwood 25 Family of Captain Charles Smallwood who died 1767, Norfolk, Virginia
Jim Craddock John Smallwood, born about 1763, Halifax, Virginia
Erica Family of Cassius Marcellus Smallwood s/o John M Smallwood (b. 1816 in PA or VA)
Ray Gurganus 448 Maryland, Georgia, Indiana, Choctaw Nation, Kentucky
Jeff Davis Family of Robert Smallwood (b.1733 Liberty County, Georgia) & Nancy Ann Mitchell, with possible Seminole links
Ann Bernard 448 North Carolina line
Debby Elmer 448 As for Sandra Young below, plus additional line from Missouri
Sandra Branson Young 448 (?) Family of Elisha s/o H (Reilly) & Elizabeth Smallwood, b.c.1835 Rockcastle, Kentucky (related website)
George Smallwood Ancestors of William Smallwood, born about 1878 Eastern Kentucky []
Michael Crook Family of Mary Lizbeth Smallwood (m. Robert H Crook), b.5 Apr 1868 Lee, Kentucky
John Smallwood 448 (?) Descendants of William Smallwood, who died Granville County NC in 1766
Shirley Smallwood 448 Texan line from Alexander Smallwood, b.c.1826 Rowan County NC
Willie Wilson Ancestors of Wilmouth Smallwood, born around 1822 (in Indiana in 1850)
Mary Ann Bolton Ancestors of Hezekiah Smallwood (1799 NC/SC/VA/KY/GA -1869 Clark County MO)
William L Smallwood Family of Hezekiah Smalwood (fl. 1860's Missouri, buried Oklahoma)
Patricia McCurdy Townsend William Smallwood, b.1841 New Brunswick, d.1928 Patten, Aroostook, ME.  Wife, Mariah Marshman
John Culley 19 Descendants of Charles (1827-1896) and Jane Smallwood of Alabama, US
Dolores Belcher Family of Mr Smallwood who married Alice R Garrett and lived in or near Hillsboro (possibly Waxahachie), Texas
Clarissa Smallwood-Ellis Smallwood family of Indiana, US, from 1800
Ashley Lanning Family of Isaac and Bulla Smallwood, family from Tennessee


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