Welcome to my planning page. This currently serves as a holding point for material that may be of interest to others with an interest in UK planning issues.

Conservation Areas

I have carried out a range of research into issues related to heritage conservation in England.

This includes the creation of a new (September 2017) inventory of English Conservation Areas (CAs), which I believe represents the first full enumeration ever published. It contains details of 9.793 CAs spread across England's 336 Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) including the National Park Authorities.

This pdf document includes some background on the methodology employed, some maps of various CA attributes, the full listing of English CAs (including LPA, Heritage at Risk status and, where available, original designation date and land area covered), and a set of links to the websites of each of the underlying LPAs.

PDF document A new inventory of English Conservation Areas (Sep 2017, 3.0MB)