This page summarises notable additions and amendments to the site after 7th November, 2003.

Date Summary of changes
6 Sep 2018 New researcher (Jennifer Hockey) and updated e-mail address (Mike Pendleton) added to Horsington tree
6 Aug 2018 New researchers (Glen Gravis, Erica Fitzgibbon and Owen Harrower) added to Montacute tree
20 May 2016 New researcher (Lesley-Anne Gatt) added to Horsington tree
15 Jun 2015 New researchers (Belinda Blick and Bonnie Rae) added to Montacute tree
8 Aug 2013 New researcher (Noel Huggan) added to Montacute tree
8 Aug 2013 New researcher (Alan Benson) with line from Bayford area, Somerset added to interests page
1 Feb 2013 New researcher (Dennis O'Brien) added to Montacute tree
10 Oct 2012 New researcher (Karen King) added to Horsington tree
14 Sep 2010 New researcher (Howard Nobbs) with line from Combe St. Nicholas area, Somerset added to interests page
19 Jul 2010 New researcher (Nancy Jenks) and related details added to Horsington tree
7 Sep 2009 New researcher (Eric Deigan) with line from Sutton Mallett area, Somerset added to interests page
12 Jun 2009 New researcher (Lee Wright) with line from Rimpton, Somerset to Newport, South Wales added to interests page
4 Feb 2009 New researcher (Carolyn Wynne) added to Montacute tree, and new researcher (Ali Morecroft) added to Horsington tree
17 Nov 2008 New researchers (Martin Hockey and Stephen Hockey) added to Norton sub Hamdon tree, along with note on connection point
15 Oct 2008 New researcher (Pamela Murphy) added to Montacute tree
7 Oct 2008 Note on Max Laidley's book added to the page on John the Convict
12 Aug 2008 Slight modification to details of George E s/o George Hockey on Thomas Hockey / Mary Burt page
12 May 2008 New researcher (Kev Geard) added to Montacute tree
28 Feb 2008 New researcher (Ruth Hussey) added to Norton-sub-Hamdon tree, link between Montacute and Norton-sub-Hamdon trees (Fanny Hockey)
1 Feb 2008 New researchers added to Horsington tree (Patricia Westwood) and Norton-sub-Hamdon tree (Barbara Burrows)
12 Oct 2007 New stray line in Newport, Monmouthshire noted on interests page
28 Sep 2007 Additional researcher (Paul Hockey) added to Thomas Hockey / Mary Burt page
3 Sep 2007 Additional interest added (Wincanton, Janet Pritchard, Joan Baker)
7 Aug 2007 New researcher (Beryl Renton) added to Montacute tree
11 Jun 2007 New researcher (Paul Archer) added to Norton-sub-Hamdon tree
1 May 2007 New researcher (Milton Kelly) added to Montacute tree
2 Apr 2007 New researcher (Sally Storey) added to Thomas Hockey / Mary Burt page, along with some additional notes regarding Elizabeth Hockey
27 Mar 2007 New researcher (Gwen Callaghan) added to Montacute tree, plus new Thorncombe (Somerset / Devon / Dorset) interest
5 Mar 2007 New researcher (Sylvia Reczek) added to Montacute tree, plus correction of related note on Thomas = Mary Flanagan page
26 Feb 2007 Additional interest added (Shepton Mallet, Janice Cusack), plus new connection of stray New South Wales line (Thomas = Mary Flanagan) to tree
11 Jan 2007 Additional note on probable previous generation added to Kilmington, Devon interest, plus new Bridport, Dorset interest
31 Oct 2006 New Horsington line descendant added (Keith Bell)
2 Oct 2006 New London interest added (Charles Hockey, m. 1813 St. George Hanover Square)
21 Jul 2006 New interest added (James Hockey of Milborne Port, 1800-1849)
26 Apr 2006 New interest added (Susanna Hockey, married Yeovilton 1787)
19 Apr 2006 New researcher (Maria) added to Norton-sub-Hamdon tree
6 Mar 2006 Links (to Jennifer Burrell's website) updated on Horsington page
10 Feb 2006 New interest (Greg Baldwin) added
10 Nov 2005 New page added on Thomas Hockey (c.1825-1881) and Mary Flanagan, with minor updates to main page
19 Sep 2005 Barbara McKern's name updated (formerly Barbara Burridge)
16 May 2005 New researcher (Maureen Ramke) added to Thomas Hockey page
4 Jan 2005 New interest added
23 Nov 2004 New researcher added to Montacute tree
12 Oct 2004 New researcher added to Montacute tree
8 Dec 2003 New interest added
2 Dec 2003 New researchers added to Horsington tree, new interest added
1 Dec 2003 Brief note added on Chiselborough branch
26 Nov 2003 New notes added to page on descendants of Thomas Hockey and Mary Burt 
7 Nov 2003 New pages on Horsington branch and tree, what's new page and about this site link added, page on South Somerset project

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