In order to better understand the early distribution of the Hockey name, with a view to clarifying the potential origins of (and connections between) the various branches of the family in South Somerset, it is proposed to attempt a systematic review of parish and other records across the area. A range of area-wide records and indices have already been reviewed, some of which are summarised on the past research page.

Parish records

A spreadsheet has been prepared summarising the availability of surviving parish registers and the coverage of existing indices across the band of parishes in south Somerset between the Montacute and Horsington areas.

Phase 1 of the analysis should produce a combined summary of all Hockeys in this area reflected in the IGI, in Dr Campbell's Index, and in other easily accessible indices available online or via Somerset Record Office.

Phase 2 could incorporate entries from the Somerset marriage indices (pre-1754 and 1754-1837) maintained by the local FHS (cost, single-entry searches).

Other sources

Other area wide sources suitable for incorporation into a general review include the following :

1851 census index  (56 parishes)
Local and PCC will indices
Printed transcript of 1641 Lay Subsidy
SRO card index of marriage allegation bonds 1765-1805


Anyone planning to undertake local research and who would like to participate in this project is encouraged to contact the coordinator Ian Hall to discuss progress to date and potential next steps.


This page was last updated 16 May 2007