Historical background

The Smallwood family has had a presence in Kent since the late 1600's, when a line was settled in the Chatham area. It is possible that this line was antecedent to several of the later Smallwood families in the area, notably trees 550 and 553 below. Most of the trees in this area are being researched by Debra Buchanan.

See also tree 346 on the London page (George Smallwood from St Mary Cray 1821), which actually links to T550 below.
Also, tree 381 from Buckinghamshire has a significant branch in Kent.

Documented trees

Tree Description Location Period Names
552 Early Smallwoods from Chatham Chatham 1705-1770
553 Smallwoods from West Malling Dover 1780-1881 16
550 Smallwoods from St Mary Cray, Kent Malling 1795-date 109
522 Richard Smallwood, hairdresser Dartford 1866-date 49
417 Frederick Thomas Smallwood 1887-1968 Bromley  All over UK 1887-date 18
695 William Thomas Smallwood from St Olave Malling 1882-1891 11


Other (currently unconnected) research interests

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