This page summarises notable additions and amendments to the site after 29th March, 2006.

Date Summary of changes
19 Feb 2018 Updated David Smallwood e-mail address (
9 Oct 2014 New researcher (Ian Smallwood) added to tree 550 (St. Mary Cray, Kent)
12 Aug 2013 Updated web links for Ray Gurganus' site on North America and Smallwood of Maryland pages
31 Aug 2012 New researcher (Melanie Leadley) added to tree 114 (Bridlington, Yorkshire)
30 Aug 2012 Updated contact details for Martin Mitchell (tree 11)
23 Feb 2012 New researcher (Jan Waugh) added to London page
29 Nov 2011 New researcher (Richard I Smallwood) added to Allerston tree (53)
19 Jul 2010 New researcher (Gill Metcalf) added to Sutton on Derwent tree (19)
5 Nov 2009 Minor changes made to the Allerston and Scalby trees to reflect improved evidence of a link
2 Oct 2009 New researcher (Jeff Davis) added to North America page
14 Sep 2009 New researcher (Paul Coverdale) added to Scalby tree (227)
1 Jul 2009 New researcher (Pat Lynam) added to Scalby tree (227)
24 Apr 2009 New researcher (Elaine Herniman) and notes added to tree 478
20 Apr 2009 Added note on potential Staffordshire origin to main page, and additional notes to Staffordshire and Chelford pages
6 Oct 2008 New page added on Smallwood coats of arms
12 Aug 2008 New researcher (Brian Walton) added to tree 553 (West Malling, Kent)
16 Apr 2008 New researcher (Hayley Jones) added to tree 211 (Camerton, Cumbria)
15 Apr 2008 Contact details for David Horsman added to tree 114 (Bridlington)
5 Feb 2008 New researcher (Mike Dalton) added to tree 110 (Brompton by Northallerton)
15 Jan 2008 New researcher (Gail Rothlin McAdam) added to tree 211 (Camerton, Cumbria)
14 Jan 2008 New researcher (Cyril Smallwood) added to tree 211, and repositioning of his part of the tree, Elaine Stewart added to foreign interests, new cross-linkage to Readman tree added to tree 17
8 Jan 2008 New researcher (Andrew Moore) added to tree 17
14 Dec 2007 New researcher (David Ransley) added to tree 17
20 Nov 2007 New researcher (Julie Outram) added to tree 17
19 Nov 2007 New researchers added to tree 197 (Carl Schaefer), tree 384 (Margaret Wishart), and tree 392 (Philip Simms)
13 Nov 2007 New researcher (Lisa Harland-Barrett) added to tree 17
29 Oct 2007 New interest (Alf Smallwood) in Northern Ireland added
11 Oct 2007 Added index to all Smallwoods in the 1881 census (England, Scotland, Wales), with tree linkages, plus numerical index to trees
9 Oct 2007 Additional details added to West Malling page (tree 553)
28 Sep 2007 Dedicated page added for tree 13 (the Coal Merchants from Heanor, also in Coleorton, Leicestershire and Islington)
26 Sep 2007 Slightly updated Kent page, with new page for Early Chatham area Smallwoods
17 Sep 2007 Updated Kent page (introduction, researcher, trees) and added pages for trees 550, 553 (Kent)
4 Sep 2007 Trees 601 and 615 merged on Staffordshire page, and new researcher (Lynda McDermott) added
3 Sep 2007 New researcher (Erica) added to North American page
30 Jul 2007 New researcher (Lynton Bradford) added to Bridlington tree (114)
27 Jul 2007 New researchers (Dave & Margaret Parr) added to Leicestershire page
25 Jun 2007 New page added for tree 113 (Middlewich, Cheshire) with brief details
18 Jun 2007 New researcher (Eleanor Hart) added to tree 17
13 Jun 2007 Minor modifications made to the introduction and early part of tree 17
11 Jun 2007 New page added for tree 49 (Handsworth, Colston Bassett and Barnsley), with minor modifications to related links, Coleorton (Leicestershire) tree connected to tree 13 (Derbyshire) and re-linked accordingly
4 Jun 2007 New researcher (Clarissa Smallwood-Ellis) added to North America page
16 May 2007 Updated contact details for David Smallwood of Worcestershire
30 Apr 2007 New page added for the John Smallwood of Kensington who emigrated to Australia (tree 704)
27 Apr 2007 Contact details on tree 17 (Jenny Stevens) updated
26 Apr 2007 Robin Beard's interest moved from Kent page to new page for the Smallwoods of Brickhill and Bletchley, Buckinghamshire (tree 381), dedicated page added for tree 2 (The Smallwood Wine Merchants from Handsworth)
24 Apr 2007 New researcher (Robin Beard) added to Kent page, new page added for Birmingham convict tree (tree 11), with Martin Mitchell's contact details transferred to the new page, new page added for contact details of David Smallwood of Worcestershire
19 Mar 2007 New researcher (Phil Vayro) added to tree 211, updated introduction to Cumbrian trees
15 Feb 2007 Overview of Smallwood GRO references updated
1 Feb 2007 New expanded page added for tree 211 (Camerton, Cumbria), with minor updates to Cumbrian summary page
2 Nov 2006 New researchers added to tree 110 and tree 114
31 Oct 2006 Introductory notes added for trees 110 (Brompton by Northallerton), 114 (Bridlington) and 392 (Kendal)
2 Oct 2006 New page added for tree 478 (family of Vincent West Smallwood, Northwich, Cheshire)
25 Aug 2006 Additional notes added on the origins of the Scalby line
24 Jul 2006 Additional notes added to Colonel James Smallwood page, new page on Charles Smallwood of NC, updated US index page
11 May 2006 Updating of link and some details on main Canadian tree (NA1)
20 Apr 2006 Researcher's name updated on Oldbury tree (61), cross-reference of Indian tree (403) added to foreign trees page
Additional historical background added to trees 197 and 53
18 Apr 2006 Additional notes added to page on the Smallwoods of Chokoloskee, Florida (tree 375)
31 Mar 2006 New page added (with new researcher) for the Smallwoods of Chokoloskee, Florida (tree 375)
29 Mar 2006 New page added (with new researchers) for Thomas Smallwood of Oldbury (b. 1823, tree 61
16 Mar 2006 New format for website released (with various modifications made over the following two weeks)


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